San Sebastian.
Bright Mexican colors & textures unique and cheerful home

This Puerto Vallarta home belonged to a vivacious couple who wanted a place where they could make the most of their upcoming retirement, which unfortunately, never took place. They wanted to create a true outdoor living experience: pool, dining area, outdoor kitchen, nap bench, and sunning area on the terrace..






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San Sebastian

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Already an ambitious undertaking, the project was complicated by the limited dimensions of the lot. They weren't really concerned with how much space they had, but rather, how that space could be used. It was a challenge, but by carefully dividing it up according to function, I was able to check off every item on my clients' wish list.

The front terrace faces a stunning view of the Pacific Ocean. The modern built-in sofa is surrounded by casual outdoor lounge furniture. An infinity pool and large palapa with 3 openings became the backbone of the home. Local pottery were filled with bougainvillea plants and loose pebbles were placed for a casual effect on the rooftop which is the main entrance level of Casa San Sebastian.

Bright Mexican colors & textures give this unique and cheerful home a whiff of modern Mexico and the relaxed Mexico that we all love.