Miami Chic.
"Your wings already exsit, all you have to do is fly"

When I first walked into this home, the ambience was nearly palpable. I felt instantly welcomed as if by an invisible host. I looked around at the key elements for clues to support these feelings. They were both architectural and decorative.







LA Style

Miami Chic

San Sebastian

Villa Paloma Blanca

Villa Pamela

A great location, spot on -- the right layout on a private drive only ten minutes from South Beach Miami. I enjoyed assessing the details of the space. The architect introduced generous exterior spaces into the living areas, working with cross ventilation and creating a seamless transition between the inside and outside. Pleasing pastel materials and overhead clerestory lighting were key to introducing a warm mood of complete relaxation.
The faultless use of light and dark furniture and the selection of both designer and art pieces make this home come alive! It is hugely satisfying to both layman and sophisticate alike.

“Build Simply – build as directly as possible with no complications – Use the materials at hand and keep these sparse - Let your building love its site and glorify its climate – Design for use; make it beautiful.”

-Alfred Browning Parker