Terra Nueva
Spring has brought color into my eyes, and sweet music to my ears.

Terra Nueva seeks to engage the outdoor elements in a direct dialogue.
Light, shadow, wind and water are all incorporated in different ways to suggest these facets of nature.
The spatial atmosphere is quite simple in its layout. The basic rectangular plan has been modified with outdoor terraces cut out of both ends, resulting in a central space that accommodates generous kitchen, living and dining areas which are visually pleasing -- an element of Feng Shui.. A major feature is the benefit from the opened ventilation of the flanking terraces. A generous master bedroom and an office/guest room complete the living quarters along with two full-size bathrooms.


Terra Nueva

Los Cabos

Arena Sahara

• Terra Noble

Casa Cusenza

Viva Mexico


An intuitive and clean arrangement provides appropriate levels of privacy for the multiple lifestyles of the owner.
The main living space introduces rustic materials into the interior with horizontal wooden panels. The open-air courtyard provides opportunities for ventilation as it integrates breathtaking views of Puerto Vallarta into the innermost rooms.
Positioned within a corner of the terrace is an understated outdoor pool. It is recessed into a terrace and decorated with the Tibetan Ohm symbol () to create good vibrations and to purify the water.
My favorite experience in Terra Nueva is the rainy season in the summer when the moon shines over the bed, and the fireflies roam freely in the room making their own flickering constellation of the universe as told by them.. incredible! Imagine this for yourself.